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Encounters w/ Biscayne Beach 1 3 2 4 5 Superior Welcome Eastview Development, GTIS Partners and Cervera Real Estate recently celebrated the Grand Opening of the Biscayne Beach Sales Gallery. — Photos by Betty Alvarez 1. Alexandra Elfmont, Tensie Fomy, Alicia Cervera 2. Anna Ng, Gina De Varona, Kate Siegel 3. Alicia Casa, Luz Montayo 4. Jackie Rivera De Cervera, Manilar Rivera 5. Janet Canfield, Claudia Mayer 6. Emily Gimblett, Christopher Adeleke, Alexandra Goeseke Cervera 7. Kevin O’Rourke, Zoila Perez Chanquet 8. Kinga Konsorska, Thom Filicia 6 7 158 8